Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Uzi Nissan's Plight

I was reading about Mike Rowe's recent run-in with Microsoft when I found comments comparing it to Uzi Nissan's problems. Up until then, I'd been unaware of Mr. Nissan's legal battle with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. The car maker has been trying to wrest the domain name from Mr. Nissan since 1999, despite his every right to it. Unbelievably, as it stands right now, Mr. Nissan still owns the domain name and (what used to be the home of his Internet service company), but he can't use them for commercial purposes. Talk about stripping ownership of its value! Now that his appeal has been rejected, he waits. What I can't believe is that the judge ruled that Mr. Nissan's critique of this lawsuit on proved the actual dilution of the Nissan Motors trademark, as required by the Federal Trademark Dilution Act. I sure hope this ruling is sent back for review. The man has a right to express his opinion!

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